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Recent publications:

  1. Tom P. J. Wyatt, Jonathan Fouchard, Ana Lisica, Nargess Khalilgharibi, Buzz Baum, Pierre Recho, Alexandre J. Kabla & Guillaume T. Charras. Actomyosin controls planarity and folding of epithelia in response to compression. Nature Materials. 2020. link
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  3. Daniel Gradeci, Anna Bove, Guillaume Charras, Alan R. Lowe, Shiladitya Banerjee. Single-cell approaches to cell competition: high-throughput imaging, machine learning and simulations. Seminars in Cancer Biology. 2019. link
  4. Danahe Mohammed, Guillaume Charras, Eleonore Vercruysse, Marie Versavael, Josephine Lantoine, Laura Alaimo, Celine Bruyere, Marine Luciano, Karine Glinel, Geoffrey Delhaye, Olivier Theodoly, Sylvain Gabriele. Substrate area confinement is a key determinant of cell velocity in collective migration. Nature Physics. 2019. link
  5. Alessandra Bonfanti, Jonathan Fouchard, Nargess Khalilgharibi, Guillaume Charras,  Alexandre Kabla. A unified rheological model for cells and cellularised materials. Royal Society Open Science. 2020. link
  6. Jonathan Fouchard, Tom Wyatt, Amsha Proag, Ana Lisica, Nargess Khalilgharibi, Pierre Recho, Magali Suzanne, Alexandre Kabla, Guillaume Charras. Curling of epithelial monolayers reveals coupling between active bending and tissue tension. PNAS. 2020. link
  7. Luyan Cao, Amina Yonis, Malti Vaghela, Elias Barriga, Priyamvada Chugh, Matthew B Smith, Julien Maufront, Genevieve Lavoie, Antoine Meant, Emma Ferber, Miia Bovellan, Art Alberts, Aurelie Bertin, Roberto Mayor, Ewa Paluch, Philippe Roux, Antoine Jegou, Guillaume Romet-Lemonne, Guillaume Charras. SPIN90 associates with mDia1 and the Arp2/3 complex to regulate cortical actin organisation. Nature Cell Biology. 2020. link
  8. Manasi Kelkar, Pierre Bohec, Guillaume Charras. Mechanics of the cellular actin cortex: From signalling to shape change. Current Opinion in Cell Biology. 2020. link
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  13. Manasi Kelkar, Pierre Bohec, Matthew B Smith, Varun Sreenivasan, Ana Lisica, Leo Valon, Emma Ferber, Buzz Baum, Guillaume Salbreux, Guillaume Charras. Spindle reorientation in response to mechanical stress is an emergent property of the spindle position mechanisms. PNAS. 2022. link.
  14. Christopher J. Soelistyo, Giulia Vallardi, Guillaume Charras, Alan R. Lowe. Learning biophysical determinants of cell fate with deep neural networks. Nature Machine Intelligence. 2022. link.
  15. Sayuki Hirano, Yusuke Mii, Guillaume Charras, Tatsuo Michiue. Alignment of the cell long axis by unidirectional tension acts cooperatively with Wnt signalling to establish planar cell polarity. Development. 2022. link.
  16. Ana Lisica, Jonathan Fouchard, Manasi Kelkar, Tom P. J. Wyatt, Julia Duque, Anne-Betty Ndiaye, Alessandra Bonfanti, Buzz Baum, Alexandre J. Kabla, Guillaume T. Charras. Tension at intercellular junctions is necessary for accurate orientation of cell division in the epithelium plane. link


  1. Julia Duque, A Bonfanti, J Fouchard, E Ferber, A Harris, A Kabla, G Charras. Fracture in Living Cell Monolayers. link.
  2. Kazunori Yamamoto, Sacha Ichbiah, Fabrice Delbary, Joana Pinto, Nate Goehring, Herve Turlier, Guillaume Charras. Dissecting the subcellular forces sculpting the early C Elegans embryo. link.